Foto Remco Groenewegen


Katja gave me the courage to start my own practice for grieving young people next to my job at the Randstad Group. At a young age I lost my parents shortly after each other and with this experience I want to support others.

It started with guiding groups of grieving young people with my therapist at the time. I was also allowed to work with Willem Glaudemans, who is known in the Netherlands for A Course In Miracles. When I ended up with Katja it soon became clear that I needed to focus more on what I really wanted.

Katja was exactly the coach and mirror I needed to build up more self-confidence step by step. She believed in me and she knew how to bring the idea in my head into practice. With the tools she gave me I took concrete steps in a very short time. Positivity flowed through the weeks like a flow. Very nice was her own experience with working for a boss and the transition to self-employment. I found it very special that Katja was able to connect well with my story.

Katja is an expert, cheerful and passionate coach who helps you to take a good look at your own process. Wherever you find yourself at work or in your private life, she knows how to connect with you and give the right advice. Every session I had with Katja was energetic and I experienced the whole process as enlightening. I can really recommend her!

Since I took the decision, all sorts of things have come my way. I have been allowed to write a foreword for a well-known grief counselor, met interesting people and built up collaborations. If you have a dream, go for it!



During my job at Philips I was offered a coaching program with Katja. I was very searching in the big corporate world which way I should go. I was not in the right place in terms of function and I could not put my finger on where that was. I had great colleagues and the job on paper was just right!

After high school I did the art academy. And I really missed the creative side of my job. In the business world everything is fixed in functions and therefore I could not find the ideal job that suited me and also with jobcrafting I did not succeed.

Eventually I am now two years further on. Besides my regular job I started my own company as a graphic designer. Back to the light in my heart of being creative. I found Katja very special, she sees very well your core and what makes you happy. And she lures you out little by little to look and move in the right direction. Katja is a bubbly coach, very energetic! And nothing is too crazy, very respectful. And she has all the knowledge and tools to get you thinking. She also once stood for a trajectory, so she knows what it is like to stand in your shoes! I really think Katja planted the first seed that made me realize that I create my own picture, I don't have to follow society's picture.


Merle van Riessen

I came to Katja via a colleague at ABN AMRO who had good experiences with her. I felt a good click during the first session. I experienced Katja as sensitive, smart, strong, flexible and down to earth. Coaching with Katja has brought a lot of clarification, about how I look at myself and how I can look at life. Taking steps based on my intuition and having confidence. These have proven to be essential ingredients and have brought me beautiful changes in my life. The concrete results are that I started working in a smaller organization and that I also started my own company Deephouseyoga, which has become a huge success. And, but that could also be a coincidence, I met a great love during this period