MBTI teambuilding

Both managers and employees use the results to reach their full potential in an organization. The MBTI shows that different work styles can complement each other instead of working against each other. This stimulates appreciation for diversity, resolves conflicts and improves communication.

In preparation each employee receives an online questionnaire to a specified email address. This takes approximately 25 minutes to complete.


  • Online questionnaire

  • Workbook

  • MBTI report with description of type per employee

  • MBTI team report per employee

  • MBTI team report for the manager

  • Books "Introduction to Type" and "Introduction to Type and Teams"

MBTI presentatie
MBTI teambuilding


- Explanation of the Myer Briggs Type Indicator
- Practical exercises
- Determining the type per employee
- Handing over of the report with the outcome of the online questionnaire
- The self-determination and the outcome are compared and a type is determined

- We get a picture of the profiles in the team
- Practical exercises that show the effect of the different types in the team
- Actionplan

The MBTI will show that different working styles can complement each other instead of working against each other. There will be more understanding for each other. This will stimulate appreciation for diversity, resolve conflicts and improve communication. One will also have insight into the decision-making process and it will be improved! In addition, one will learn to better understand the types of internal and external customers and thus start communicating more effectively. This workshop leads to more involvement, efficiency and performance improvement.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Katja van Gulick is certified by OPP for MBTI Step I, MBTI Step II and MBTI Teams. This ensures that the official materials and guidelines are used and that the ethical code of conduct for working with the MBTI is followed.

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