Is this it?

No. This doesn't have to be everything. Experience more connection, fulfillment and satisfaction in your life. Follow your heart!

You are the person who seems to have it all together. Perfect job, the ideal husband and maybe even wonderful children. But it rubs and if you're honest, it has done so for a long time. You've been wondering for ages: Is this it? You have on the face of it the best life you could have, but it gives you little to no satisfaction. You live in your head, but where is your heart? What does your heart want? Everything around you seems so superficial, the conversations, the people. You want more connection, more fulfillment, and you just don't take the steps.



  • You want to go after your heart, but you don't know exactly what it's saying. The hundreds of voices in your head drown out its whispers

  • You are mostly running after yourself and live in your head all the time

  • You find it so scary to take the plunge, where are the rubber bands?

  • You may already be doing everything told in the self-help books, like yoga, drinking vegetable juice, meditating and you try to be grateful for everything all day long. Where is that abundance of happiness they talk about, how do you get there?

  • The few people you have confided in don't understand what you are worrying about now, you already have everything, right? And where is the financial security? You are plunging into an abyss

  • You no longer recognize yourself in the conversations around you. Where is the depth? You don't care what tiles someone has in the new bathroom, you want to talk about real life!

  • The beaten path and your comfort zone certainly have their advantages. Somewhere you really feel that you want to follow your heart, but do you dare to give up everything for a more uncertain existence?


Who teaches you to listen to your desire, so that her whispers can finally be heard. Someone who has already successfully taken the steps you want to take. Who shows you the new paths you can take. Do you want someone who shows you where you can find the connection you so long for? Who confirms that there is more to life. Who can show you how cool it is to live the life you long for.

Would you also like to get the following results from the people who have gone before you?

  • Self-condidence
  • Detachment from old patterns, unconscious sabotage patterns, and obstacles
  • Contact with your heart that is in balance with your head
  • Courage
  • Making powerful choices for yourself
  • Fulfillment, satisfaction and connection
claim your life sleutel

is a 1-on-1 transformation program combining powerful tools and strategies from the world of Positive Psychology, NLP, Coaching and Spirituality. You become who you are and who you want to be. I teach you the tools to find your true desire and start living it. I help you through all your conscious and unconscious blockages. You may come across more of them than you expect, but we're going to get them all down. You will come from your head into your heart. What does your heart really want? What do you want to create? What is it that really makes you happy?

Whatever it is for you, you have come to the right place and you are so welcome!

Katja van Gulick:

What makes me do
what I do?

I have had the opportunity to coach over a thousand of beautiful, brilliant and talented people like you. I found out more and more that these people don't realize how brilliant they are and follow their heart and intuition! They have dreams they want to fulfill and wonderful ideas to share with the world to make the world a better place for everyone. Instead, they live their lives according to the standards of what they think success is: Working extremely hard and killing themselves just to do it the way it "should" be done.

By not daring to listen to their hearts and their intuitive intelligence, they hold back and play the small game, while the intelligence from the heart is so desperately needed in the world right now.


This program also provides happiness to these clients:



  • 1 x feedback session Personality Report Myer Briggs Type Indicator®.

    You get in-depth questions, stories and videos so you can think about yourself first. Who is the maladjusted version of you and how far have you adapted in your life? You will learn to understand yourself better and it will be a feast of recognition! Automatically you will also learn to understand others better. At the end of the interview we discuss the results of the questionnaire. You know yourself best and you determine your best fitting MBTI type. You receive your personal report and a literature book of the MBTI®.

    NB Do not hide behind your MBTI type when making powerful choices. I use the MBTI as a starting point because I have noticed that it is a powerful entry point for people in looking at themselves!

  • 5 x 1-on-1 coaching sessions tailored to your needs

    You will work with me live at a location in Amsterdam. Each session lasts 1.5 hours during which you will receive my full attention. These sessions are completely focused on you and what YOU need. Every person is different and has a different need for coaching and that's what you get from me. You experience aha moments and get insights about yourself that you never had before. You get self-confidence and see countless possibilities

  • Support with 8 x online modules

    Besides the customized coaching you get a complete online program where you can always return to after the coaching. Under my guidance on video and audio you will find out where you're blocking and how you can start living your desire by taking bold steps! You follow the modules at any place and time that suits you best. I will take you by the hand and guide you step by step to a life full of energy, fulfillment and inspiration.

  • 8 x transcripts

    I make it easy for you by giving everything you get in the modules ready-to-go in a transcript. This way you can easily get started and you have a reference book to read everything back to.

  • 8 x workbooks

  • 8 Q&As in which all your questions are answered

    Every week a live webinar for a question and answer session in which you can ask me anything you want to personally. Also if you get stuck or just don't know what to do anymore you can come to me so I can help you on your way. If you can't be there, you can mail your questions or comments in advance and I will answer them in the broadcast. Each session is recorded and will be in your online environment, so you can hear the answer later.

  • Reading list & videos for inspiration

    Everything I teach you, in addition to my own experience with myself and hundreds of clients and organizations, I had to learn somewhere myself. I don't do my teachers and inspirers justice if I don't mention them. You'll get a great program and if you want to go deeper, I'll help you with a list of literature and videos.


Claim your personality

Who are you? Who is the maladjusted version of yourself? What do you get energy from? What talents do you have? We use the personality instrument the Myer Briggs Type Indicator®, among others, for this and it will be a feast of recognition.


Claim your personality

Who are you? Who is the maladjusted version of yourself? Where do you draw energy from? What talents do you have? We use the personality instrument the Myer Briggs Type Indicator®, among others, for this and it will be a feast of recognition.


Claim your energy

How do you get out of bed every day with energy? Do you often feel lethargic during the day and put on autopilot to get through the day? In this module you will work with your mental and physical energy. If you want to live a life of fulfillment and satisfaction you will have mental and physical energy. Learn new healthy habits and from that moment on you will jump out of bed every day, you will feel like going out for the day and you will be able to take on the whole world all day long. Can you imagine how the outside world sees you and how you will attract the nicest people and assignments if things go like this?


Claim your heart's desire

You were born with your why, your calling, your dharma or whatever name you want to give it. During the course of your life you often lose this inner guidance. Because of the delusion of the day you live much in your head and you lose the connection with yourself, so you no longer feel where you really are. In this module you will find out what your heart's desire is that gives you so much energy. The connection comes back and you have no choice but to live it in abundance so you can live that fulfilled life.


Claim your vision

You are going to develop a vision and with this you take leadership from the heart over your life. This changes everything!


Playing big

Actually living your desire takes courage and brave steps. The mask you always wore is going away more and more, which can feel very vulnerable. You have to deal with the reactions of the outside world and you may feel like the black sheep. This module helps you to deal with emerging fears.


Claim your market

You have your heart's desire and your vision, you know how to take bold steps and make powerful choices. When this program is over, we don't want you to get back into the swing of things and do nothing. We will dedicate this module to your action plan.


Claim your life

Now you are going to live the life you were born for. I will give you tools to keep on claiming your life!


10-day energy challenge

If you are living your mission, your energy is incredibly important. You will receive an email every day for 10 days with a healthy adjustment for your life. You will be energized mentally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

When are you suited for this program?

  • If you take yourself and your life seriously and you feel that now is the time to put yourself first

  • If you do not want to be on your deathbed with regrets

  • If you are willing to do the work because you understand that only you are responsible for your life and only you can make something of it

  • You are willing to make an investment of time that will pay off in happiness, energy, satisfaction and fulfillment success in your life and work

  • You are ready to be truly honest with yourself, because that produces results

Katja van Gulick:

This program is especially suitable for enterprising people who want to discover their heart's desire and start living it because that
is the way to a life of fulfillment and satisfaction..


I want to give you the following:

It creates tension when you stay in your current situation and it creates tension when you start taking steps toward a happier career. What choice will you make then?

The investment in these steps pays off in a further life and work in which you experience more happy moments with flow and relaxation.

It has certainly cost me tens of thousands of dollars and more than 10 years to master the knowledge and experience that I'm going to share with you in this program. That investment of time and money is no longer necessary for you.

With this program your life will improve on all fronts. That value cannot be expressed in money.

It is time to start following your heart, to become who you already are in
your innermost being already. To spread your wings.

Claim your life - 1 payment

€1.800,- ex BTW

Claim your life - 5 payments

€375,- ex BTW


I am 100% convinced that Claim your Life will help you to have a life with satisfaction, fulfillment, energy and connection. If after the first two modules you are still not satisfied, you can indicate that you want to stop, no questions asked. I promise you that..


The taxpayer is helping pay for this coaching program! You can (still) deduct the program from the tax in 2019 as study costs. Keep in mind a threshold of EUR 250. For further conditions you can consult the site of the tax authorities. Often you also have possibilities with your employer to get the costs reimbursed (in part or in full), you can consult the CAO or your employment contract for this.

Katja van Gulick:

I can't wait to take you step by step your from your head to your heart. If you have any questions, let me know!


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