And I'm so glad you're here! You are the reason what makes me do what I do. I am mesmerized by your potential, your willingness to grow, change and work to create that work and life that makes your heart burn.

I believe that anything you want is possible as long as you use your heart as your compass, because it is.

Over the past years I have coached and trained hundreds of people in their personal leadership and claiming their life and business. I get trained by the best in their field worldwide. I think it would be great to take you further towards your personal success with all this experience.

het verhaal van Katja


I always used to do things the way they were "supposed to be done". After VWO I went to the Higher Hotel School to then create a shining sales career up to senior level in the corporate world. I had it all together. At least, on the outside. At home, I fretted and carried on without listening to my body. I woke up more and more often with a gnawing feeling. "Is this it now? Is this the success I want to go for? " and "What am I doing it all for?" or "Am I going to live like this until retirement?". All questions I pondered. Deep down I knew the answer, just how else was I going to do this? I went on and on, until I really got stuck.

This was the moment I went to my coach Monika and if only I had done that earlier!

With her I suddenly remembered that as a little high-sensitive girl I was already enormously mesmerized by people and what made them do what they do. I saw people's struggles and I had a keen sense of when something was not right with someone. How often did I hear: "Oh, how did you get that? "and that afterwards it turned out to be right.

This realization explained everything to me: My sensitivity is my strength and it was time to use it! Everything in my heart and body said: "Yes...". I felt so much joy as well as peace and tranquility at the same time. From that moment on I knew what to do and I took action. I did not yet know exactly how, but I was going to find that out along the way.

It worked out. An enormous personal development followed and since then I live according to my heart on my terms. I am a coach, teacher, trainer and I love to speak to groups about everything that has to do with Personal Leadership from the heart. I learn from the best in the world. I enjoy, I have energy, I am fully inspired and I am growing like never before in all areas: as a person, relationship, health, spiritually and work. That's what I want to teach everyone.

Do you know what the greatest liberation in my life is? That despite my "fear" of that floaty spirituality thing, I now live fully from my six senses and that that can just be done in a tiger print instead of goat wool socks!

Katja van Gulick:

Let me be your inner guide in your inner world, so you can fully claim your life.

Typically Katja

  • I have twelve years of sales management experience in business, after which I successfully made a career switch to Coach and Trainer in Personal Leadership. As a result, I have a combination of work experience in business and coach & trainer. So I have been in your shoes and understand what you are talking about.

  • My work as a coach is for me a professional profession in which I continue to develop at a high level. It is therefore very important to me that the methodologies I use are well founded and I only want to learn from the best in their field. To be honest, I can't do otherwise, because I am and will always be that personality junkie.

  • I follow my own path and in the past have often felt like the black sheep as a result. I used to find that difficult. I know that only my own path is right, no matter how illogical it may seem at times. I am willing to fail, because it always works out. And I want you to do the same!

  • I had to learn very early on how to manage myself financially. When I went to college as a 19-year-old, my parents stopped the money supply and I had to earn my own living expenses and my tuition money through side jobs. That was tough, and has made me a huge go-getter and can't help but be a self-made woman.

  • I have an introverted preference, but you won't notice that when you start working with me, because I am an energetic bouncing ball, especially when we talk about 'matters of the heart'. So the risk you run when you work with me is that you will leave bouncing with energy.

  • One of my biggest aha moments in my life is the firewalk (UPW, Tony Robbins). By going completely out of my mind and just walking barefoot over thousands of degrees of hot coals, I didn't sustain any burns. As humans, we are capable of so much than we are aware of. Really, your head is in the way if you don't dare. You can do anything!

Katja aan het mediteren
  • I do High Intensity Training (HIIT) to keep my energy high. With Yoga, I find the connection (and muscle pain) with myself. I really don't want to go all the time, but I just go because I know how good I feel after.

  • I am very happy when I regularly travel to a faraway country with my family and then come home again to our house in the Plantage neighborhood in Amsterdam. Where I can be the introverted homebody again.

  • My guilty pleasure is a bowl of Haagen Das Caramel Seasalt, which I prefer to eat all by myself. Isn't it a shame to share something so delicious?

  • I feel most comfortable in the role of a silent force behind people who deserve a place to shine in their lives. May I be your silent force?

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    Should you be interested in my training and certifications:

  • I am a Certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach by Anthony Robbins. I have four certifications for the most widely used psychological personality tool: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (Step 1 & 2, Coach and Teambuilding). I also work for this organization. I am also certified to teach Marshall Goldsmith's Leadership Program: Stakeholder Centered Coaching for Executive Development and Leadership.

  • I am trained in methods such as Voice Dialogue, Transactional Analysis, Mindfulness Trainer and I am an NLP Master. Additionally, I am a facilitator for Tara Mohr's women's leadership program Playing Big. Am a Fascinate Certified Advisor for the Personal Branding program How to Fascinate. I think my best trainings are my Post HBO Coach training at the Dutch Academy for Psychotherapy and my 4-year deepening in Effective Intuition.

  • What I personally find most important is that when I work with you, is that there are results. You can find these from the people I have coached through this link. My work experience is therefore much more important to me than the papers above. For me, coaching is a profession. A profession you can do if you are trained for it and especially if you have many hours of experience in it. Meanwhile I know that the greatest success of a coaching program depends on a combination of me and you and our click.


And shall I tell you another secret? I have become what I always feared I would become, namely a goat-socks type, but with a nice tiger print :-).

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